Improve Your Confidence In Less Than 30 Minutes per Day with This Cutting Edge Brain Hack..."


The Secrets a of a Dr of Biochemistry, Hypnotist, Z-Health Trainer. I bring together the best Tips and Tricks To Improve Your Confidence

  • What would you do if you had more confidence ? How would your life be better?
  • How would you feel if you had the confidence to get out there and do what you want?
  • What would you do and how would you feel if you could confidently speak to anyone?
  • What would it be like to have the confidence to not care what others think of you?
  • How would it feel to have the confidence to chase you dreams? Get your dream job or partner?

Using my training you will make  some key shifts in your brain and mindset, to become the confident superhuman.

If you really want to turbo-charge your confidence, I recommend you carry on reading...

You get a Multi Pronged Approach To Tweek Your Nervous System to Unlock Your Inner Confidence.

Some people  think that confidence is something  you are born with and  cannot be trained.

They are wrong

Other people think confidence is  something they have lost and cannot get back.

This is wrong too


Your Old Way of Thinking Means You Lose  Before You Even Begin...

Some people gain a little bit of confidence and then somebody or something comes along and ’spoils it’ Then they crumble, collapse and crash... often right back to square one. Learn my  brain training techniques to build neuronal resistance and resilience as well as increased confidence. So its  as if…

You have your own personal force field

Just not everyone knows the secrets...

You see I have a PhD in Biochemistry, I am a Hypnotist and I have had  extensive training from all around the world on the nervous system and brain. I have helped 100s of people move better, feel better and think better.

In my career I’ve worked with well over 50 different trainers, tutors, coaches & mentors...

…And each of them have provided me with valuable gems on the inner workings of the brain and body.

I’ve been fortunate to have experienced and learned from some of the world’s best mind, body and biology experts and now I want to give the best of it to you in a ready-made guide.

My experiences from all of this have lead me to one massive conclusion…


Your brain can change, but it won’t change unless you do something

The specific method is all laid out for you here.




A Brain Training Program To Bring Out YOUR Confidence  !

Here’s what you get:

  • A step by step guide to confidence manual to give you the unfair advantage
  • A follow along video packed with tips and tricks to help remove past issues that affect you today
  • A follow along neuro hacks video to lock in and magnify your confidence
  • A hypnosis session for you to listen to daily to lock in and protect your confidence
  • A neuro hack + hypnosis session for confidence when you need to perform, do a job interview, go on a date
  • A follow along movement video to improve you posture, brain and confidence
  • A hypnosis session for blocking out distractions, people, internal self talk to you focus on your goals

That's 5 sessions and an eBook to help you improve your confidence!

Follow the program for 28 days, you will  improve your confidence and make your brain more resistant. If you do get any ‘knocks to your confidence’ you will be more resilient, you will  simply 'bounce back'.

What customers say

I just want to give you a huge “thank you”.  Although I experienced a certain amount of nerves yesterday morning by the time I stood up to do the Presentation after lunch, everything went well.

Once started I felt confident, even when interrupted with questions AND most importantly I did not have that awful dry mouth that I wanted to avoid.

The feedback was marked as Good and Excellent. Now I have tackled this once I am sure it will never be as bad again.

Sarah Miller , Lamberts Healthcare Territory Manager

I’m Taking The ‘Analyzing’ Out Of The Process For You - So That You Can Just Focus On DOING It

Why don’t people don’t know this stuff already?

Functional neurology is very complicated, it takes time to find out exactly what works by hours of experimenting and lots of failures.

Fortunately, I’ve done all of that for you. Trainers and coaches who do know this stuff, work with pro athletes, celebrities or those who can afford expensive private sessions and don’t usually give this stuff away unless you pay them lots of money.

You’re left with a straight to the point guide on exactly what to do, how to do it and why!

This methodology has been used by ALL of my clients, who experience great results...

Jump aboard and share in the knowledge (only you don’t have to pay $75 an hour for the service).

Sounds Amazing, Sara. How Much Is It?

If we add together:

        -  the amount of money I’ve invested learning this content from countless courses & seminars as well as going to university and working in research science for over 8yrs
        -  the time it has taken to pull everything together (my usual charge is $75 an hour)
        -  years of experiment with what works and what doesn’t
...the total price would work out at around $4000, and that’s being conservative!

Obviously, that’s a crazy price and unless, you have Bill Gates’s or Madonna’s budget, it’s frankly unrealistic!


But, I want to make this accessible for as many people as possible, helping people who need it.
Most trainers just won’t share this without a hefty price-tag.   I’ve decided to price this at the insanely low price of just $47.
If you used this every week for a year for killer results, it works out  less than $1 per week. This is for a method that can give you the confidence to be the best version of you

BUT WAIT! I Want To Take This ONE Step Further...

This is probably the first time that you have ever heard of me, so as a good-will gesture (and to say thank you for downloading my free report in the first place), I want to offer this to you for just $9.

Yes, just $9.

That’s right,  act right now,  to get  your hands on a super simple and effective brain training program you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Better still, I’ve set the whole thing up for you to instantly download after your payment is complete, so you can get started with this in the next few minutes.

Just hit the big ‘Add to Cart’ button below to make your secure investment of just $9.

Regular Price: $47 Today: $9

The Confident Super Human
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I know what you’re thinking...

WHY so cheap?

I’ll be honest

It frustrates me to see people struggling and not living life to the full. I want to get this into the hands of as many people as I can so they can have the confidence to be free in life.

The more people I help to reach their goals, the better I feel (and the more successful I become).

Let’s face it, when I give you this for less than ten bucks today and you SMASH your goals, you’re going to be the BEST possible advert for me, right?

Just hit the big ‘Add to Cart’ button below to make your secure investment of just $9.

The Confident Super Human
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So, I Want To ‘Sweeten The Deal’ A Little Bit...

I belive in this product and I believe I can help you become more confident.

If for some reason you are not satisfied

You can have 100% of your money back.

I’ll giving you a full 14 days to try out everything that I teach, risk-free. Take it, implement it and see the results for yourself.

Sound fair? I bet your local personal trainers won’t offer you that!


I need to be honest with you, I won’t be leaving the price tag this low for very long at all..


This is really a ‘launch’ price, to celebrate the release of this new product and you were on the ball enough to find it early. I can’t afford to give away this valuable training at this low price forever.

So, if you want to get the $9 price tag, you NEED to jump on this opportunity today. Truthfully, if you go away and come back later, the price could very well have gone up.

This is literally less than the price of a two cup of coffee, a cookie and a muffin from a local coffee shop.

But what happens if you leave without taking up my offer?

Well I hope you’re happy with what you have in your life.  You will be left wondering about all the things you could have if you were more confident all the opportunities you missed out on because you just didn't have the confidence.

Just think about it for a bit...

So, go ahead and make the small investment of just $9 today and I’ll see you on the other side....

Regular Price: $47 Today: $9

The Confident Super Human
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