Hypnosis and movement in one session to  maximise the benefits for your mind and body

An easy follow along audio to help  YOUR body  !

  • Experience movement with a different mindset and  focus 

  • Easier to relax and loosen the body

  • Use hypnosis and movement to release 'issues' trapped in the body


Here’s what you get:

  • A hypnosis audio session with a selection of hypnotic inductions and deepeners
  • Simple easy movements to do while in hypnosis to loosen your body
  • A method to use hypnosis and movement for 'freeing' issues trapped in your body if you choose to use

Normally $47  For You  Today : $9

Hypno Movement 101

You’re left with a straight to the point and enjoyable  guide on exactly what to do 

Normally $47  For You  Today : $9

Better still, I’ve set the whole thing up for you to instantly download after your payment is complete, so you can get started with this in the next few minutes

I need to be honest with you, I won’t be leaving the price tag this low for very long at all..

The Confident Super Human 1st Edition


This is really a ‘launch’ price, to celebrate the release of my new product, which I wanted to share with you I literally can’t afford to give away too much at this low price.