Confused  about fat, ketones and low-carb?

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My name is Sara and I did my degree in Biochemistry and Genetics in 1997 and my PhD in Molecular Mechanisms. I love science, and I want to share with you some information on the biochemistry of food and hormones I feel are misunderstood on the internet and in the media. The topics will include;

  • Genetics 101

  • Glucose, Fats and Ketones

  • How Cells Make Energy - Mitochondria

  • Secret life of fat cells

  • Sources of Inflammation

  • Hormones 101 Thyroid, Cortisol, Insulin

  • Do Carbs Make Us Fat?

  • Biochemistry of Detox 101

  • Questions 

I will touch on genetics and how to go about getting your DNA sequenced. My knowledge comes from laboratory experience, scientific literature, writing a book on supplements and biohacking. Bio hacking means trying all sorts of things out on yourself with the aim of improving your mind, body and biochemistry.

As the workshop is about myth busting I will share my bulletproof coffee recipe and a lot more.

Ketones and Glucose Workshop Notes

Equivalent to  £20

  • 1hr 20 min slide show with commentary (video)
  • Slides as PowerPoint Files
  • Ask questions about the presentation via Messenger for up to 7 days after purchase


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