Busy Superhuman Academy


An Opportunity To Get Shortcuts And Hacks to a Better Life!

We know that water boils at 100C. It’s a fact of life. Not 98 or 97 degrees… only at 100C.

That tiny 2-3% could be all that is missing when it comes to achieving what you want.

It really are the smallest changes that can have the biggest impact

Your goal might be to:

  • Run a marathon, overcome health issues,pass an exam
  • Beat depression, lose weight, improve your confidence
  • Earn more money, write a book, start your own business
  • Learn how to manage stress, sleep better,become more flexible,
  • Improve your memory,help a loved one or something else
  • Hack your brain and body to beat fatigue and be more productive

You feel like you are doing your best but you just aren’t getting the results you want. What are you doing wrong?

The Busy Super Human Insiders' Academy  Is An Easy, Effective And Fun Way To Learn About Your Brain, Biochemistry and Body And Become The Best  Version Of Yourself.

Our Academy is designed for People Who Have  Busy Lives or Those Who Want to Make The Most Of Their Time, Mind and Body.

It doesn’t Matter If You Know Nothing About Biohacking, Psychology, Biology or Fitness. I Do                 Everything Is Provided For You.

Here's Just A Few  Areas Of Life I'll Help You Improve

  • Bio-hacking - Supplements, Techniques and Technology To Enhance Your Mind and Body
  • Mind - Overcome Fear, Depression, Anxiety, Lack of Motivation, Insomnia, Brain Fog & More
  • Body - Flexibility, Suppleness, Core Stability, Balance, Home Routines, Minimal Equipment.
  • Biochemistry - Learn How to Be Your Own Scientist so You Can Make Your Own Choices
  • Genetics - Learn About Genes Which YOU Can Influence With Lifestyle Changes - Get MORE From Your DNA Sequencing
  • Neurology - Learn About Your Brain and Nervous System So You Can Hack It
  • Accountability - Have Other People To Keep You Motivated and Report To So You All Succeed
  • Relaxation and Sleep - Sleep and Rest are fundamental to success, Learn to Get a Proper Nights Sleep and Regenerate

For the last 15 yrs I have been learning, developing and practicing techniques and methodologies to help people become their own biological scientist and master of their mind.

This is all about becoming the ultimate version of yourself and the ‘superhuman’ that you can be.

That’s why I created the BusySuperhuman.com and now I’m proud to introduce you to my Busy Superhuman Academy.

Here's What You Get, On  The 'Inside'...

Part #1. Access to ALL my Products!

Get ALL Of My Busy SuperHuman Products For FREE - For As Long As You Remain A Member.

Instant FREE access to all NEW PRODUCTS released. The price you pay today stays FIXED, no secret increases in monthly fees!

Part #2.Monthly LIVE Internet Sessions

Once a month, I get together on a live online  broadcast with you and all of the other members. All you need is a computer or smartphone and an internet connection to join us LIVE for FREE  over the Internet. This means you can actually get  'hands on' practical advice on what you need and 'Breakthrough' and problems.

Part #3. Access to  FULL LENGTH VIDEOS and Other Unreleased  Footage

FREE access to the FULL VERSIONS of my YouTube videos, recordings  and live training. You also get footage from other TRUSTED EXPERTS. The recordings cover contain  skills, strategies, hypnosis, supplements, techniques, technology, equipment and more which you can incorporate into your daily/weekly routine to start getting better results in all areas of your life.

Part #4. VIP Academy Facebook Community

You've probably know that 'you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with'. It is essential to surround yourself with like-minded people!

The way mirror neurons function in your brain is they ‘copy’ the traits of others, meaning you DO NOT want to surround yourself with losers.

I've created this amazing monitored  Facebook group (MEMBERS ONLY) so that you can strike up friendships, seek advice, help others and discuss all areas of personal development, biohacking, supplements, fitness and more.

Part #5. Question and Answer Panel 

Your opinions and questions are valued.

You can submit your questions, feedback and ideas, then I'll choose a selection of them to answer in our LIVE video training  each month.I will also post the replies in the VIP facebook group. If it is a personal matter then I can reply to you via a direct message. You can ask about any of the products or any of the bonus training by other experts.

Part #6. And More As the Academy Grows  

Join Today For Just $99/Month

All Of That (And More) For Just $27/Month

In the next few minutes, you'll have complete access to my existing library of products and programs - and you'll ALWAYS be the first to hear whenever we are working on something new.

It'll be added directly into the members area, ready and waiting for you... before general release.

I’m Taking The ‘Analyzing’ Out Of The Process For You - So That You Can Just Focus On DOING It

Join Today For Just $89/Month

All Of That (And More) For Just $27/Month

Join Now And Get Started Today!

I need to be honest with you, I won’t be leaving the price tag this low for very long at all..

If you join today then you pay the same, even if the price goes up for everyone else.

Busy Superhuman Academy

There are no contracts and you won't be locked into anything.

If you want to leave at any time, just get in touch and we will cancel your membership straight away with no questions asked.